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Are In-House Marketing Teams Superior To An Agency?

As a business leader, you understand that marketing efforts are paramount to the success of your products, services, and organization as a whole. Whether these marketing efforts are online or in-person, the strategies behind your brand should tell the story of your company and bring in new customers.

Building your business and your brand may require hiring a full blown marketing team; an endeavor that is not easy. Many smaller organizations resort to piecing the duties of a marketing team together internally by offloading the tasks to individuals organization-wide, or externally by hiring freelancers.

Trying to coach decentralized professionals to build your brand grows tiresome. A concrete decision must be made between two options: build a dedicated, in-house marketing team or hire an external, full-service marketing agency.

In-House Marketing Team

On the surface, bringing in your own in-house marketing team always seems to be the favorable option, regardless of company budget. You have a group of professional marketing and advertising executives, proactively pursuing innovative ways to use digital marketing and even physical, experiential marketing to leverage your brand in a noisy world.

Being able to merely walk to a different department to discuss the products or services your organization creates for your respective industry is certainly a luxury, eliminating any miscommunication. Likewise, those individuals working in an in-house marketing department are quite close to said product and service, so the research element is minimal.

While being close to the product or service is predominantly a good thing, sometimes being too close to the product or service is counterproductive. In-house marketing teams share their own vision of your brand as it relates to the product or service, whereas those physically making or facilitating the product or service have their own thoughts, and analysis paralysis can grow.

External Marketing Agency

An external marketing agency brings a unique third-party perspective to your organization that, in many cases, solves that aforementioned issue of an in-house marketing team being far too close to the product or service to effectively grow the brand.

There are several circumstances where an external marketing agency can be the more affordable option, especially if they are industry specific. For instance, an automotive marketing agency that builds websites, creates videos, and writes content for dealerships may have an affordable marketing package for a small repair shop who certainly cannot afford to hire full-time employees.

Conversely, if an agency does not specialize in your specific industry alone, the research that must be executed to fully understand your product or service, but also your specific contribution to the industry, may cost more. Depending on your industry, that research may not hit the mark as well as an actual, dedicated employee who is passionate solely about your industry.

Your Dedicated Agency

At MaxDRIVE Marketing, we strive to emulate both.

As an external marketing agency, our highly educated team of marketing and advertising professionals are sure to give your company the attention to detail an in-house team provides for always affordable prices. Contact us today or get more information at!


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