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  • Dale Schaefer

Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed not only our lifestyles but how businesses operate. Many of us will continue working remotely or in a hybrid setting for at least the first half of the year, and this trend might become the new standard. More products and services are accessible online. As we continue to rely heavily on digital communication, businesses question how they will gain new customers, retain remaining ones, and generate more traffic, leads, and revenue.

What will the new reality - at least in terms of digital marketing - bring us in 2021? Here are some emerging trends:

Content is Still King

Content remains the main focus for digital marketing success. Social media posts, blogs, white papers, and videos effectively deliver long-term value for businesses. The key is to create and communicate unique content - but how does one do that?

In addition to being relevant, content needs to be interactive. Video content, participatory content such as polls or contests, and ads requiring clicking or swiping serve as useful tools for your marketing team. Engaging and interactive content helps your bottom line by:

  • Educating site visitors

  • Creating brand identity and differentiation

  • Conveying your brand message or mission

  • Converting leads

  • Measuring metrics and data

Video Marketing

Video marketing is emerging as the most effective way to educate your audience, provide information, and communicate your brand message. Video content will likely surpass text-based content due to its capability to grab attention and engage with consumers. Most consumers prefer to watch a video about your products or services rather than read an article or blog. With our reliance on our smartphones, videos serve as the quickest and most direct way to deliver content to your consumers.

The advancement of video marketing involves utilizing live streaming and influencer marketing, creating a powerful tool to boost engagement and improve user experience across all digital platforms.

Voice Search

Since the introduction of Siri in 2011, voice search has continued to rise in popularity. According to Review42, half of all online searches in 2020 were voice searches, and this number expects to increase to 70% by the end of 2021. To meet the needs of consumers, incorporate voice search in creating marketing strategies and content.

If you want to target consumers using voice search, adopt a conversational tone as voice queries yield fewer results than text-based queries. While voice search results in less data, the data collected about past searches and purchases can be of great value as it provides insight into consumer behavior and preferences. Developing a custom SEO strategy based on this data can help you reach your desired audience through targeted and personalized ads.

Personalized Ads

Consumers are more like to engage when they receive ads relating to their age, preferences, and lifestyle. Currently, the largest consumer demographics are Millenials and Gen-Z - and both generations love everything personalized. In the future, marketing efforts focus on defining desired target audiences and delivering highly relevant and personalized ads.

Social Media / Influencer Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for generating leads and retaining customers. Nearly four billion people worldwide (approximately 51% of the global population) use social media, according to DataReportal analysis. While this number may decrease post-pandemic, social media will continue to influence product research and purchases.

Influencer marketing is a driving force for boosting your engagement and leads. Recent research shows 87% of people are inspired by influencers, with 61% interacting with an influencer at least once daily. Look for brand messages and products to be promoted by influences on visual social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thus, being present, creative, and responsive is more important for your business than ever before.

Optimize Your Website

Giving your website a refresh should be on your 2021 marketing “to-do” list. Check out your competitor’s websites, revisit your website’s purpose, and focus on user experience. Optimized websites utilize coding on CSS grids, voice user interface, SEO elements, and data-centric design to optimize visitor engagement and experience.

Look for the future of website design to feature greater use of videos and animations as well as chat-boxes and landing pages to increase user interaction.

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