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Importance Of Using Automation With LinkedIn

LinkedIn has quickly risen to the top of popular professional social platforms. As more professionals and businesses use the platform, it continues to offer many opportunities to reach out to and connect with other professionals. As a result, LinkedIn is an online leader for growing a business' customer engagement and expanding your network. As you consider your marketing strategy, use LinkedIn automation for maximum business growth.

So, what exactly does it mean to use automation on LinkedIn, and what are the benefits?

As the name suggests, marketing automation is software that takes repetitive tasks and makes them automatic. It is often used for landing pages, email campaigns, and lead generation. However, the automation software only works with individuals who have opted to hear from you.

Imagine a customer is shopping on your site and opts into your free shipping offer with their email. They fill their cart with our products and leave the site without checking out. You can draw the customer back to the site through a carefully curated automation strategy, eventually closing the sale. Based on a customer's profile, this automatic follow-up might be in the form of emails reminding the customer, "You forgot something!" or with an exclusive offer that lures them back to complete the sale.

Marketing automation can also serve content to prospects and leads who engage with your company and promote future sales. However, the marketing automation process must include one crucial element: Human Interaction! The automation keeps the customer in the funnel long enough to build trust before they are ready to speak to a salesperson. This blend of automation and human connection will be crucial to the customer experience.

LinkedIn continues to take the lead when it comes to marketing automation. LinkedIn tools analyze profiles and send automated invites or requests to connect with a personalized message. Because lead generation is the ultimate goal of every business, automation on LinkedIn can help your business achieve this in a more organized way.

Marketing automation on LinkedIn is a huge time saver for many companies. But it also has a strong success rate of generating more leads for companies and thus increasing sales. Additionally, marketing automation can bring down the cost per lead because of its efficiency when done well. Finally, the automation will develop connections that will expand your brand awareness and loyalty at a rapid rate.

Consider saving time and money using LinkedIn's marketing automation tools.

MaxDRIVE Marketing can help you with all your marketing strategies, including your LinkedIn Automation Strategy. Reach out via email or give us a call at 502-775-9789. We will help you build and implement an advertising strategy to meet your goals!



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