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IP Targeting

Your marketing campaign is often the determining factor when a customer chooses between you and a competitor. Therefore, your marketing message needs to reach your customer at the perfect time. As technology advances, more and more companies are focusing on personalizing their advertising to individual prospects. How can you use IP Targeting to strengthen your marketing personalization?

What Exactly Is An IP Address?

Every device connected to the internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This address pinpoints the device's exact location, whether a home or a business. The IP address on your device ensures the information you request from the internet is sent back to your device.

To use IP targeting to reach potential customers, we start with the physical address. This may mean a typed-out physical address or a mapped-out geographical address. Once we have that exact physical address, we can determine the IP address associated with that location.

IP targeting provides a new level of specificity for a company's marketing efforts. Marketers can now send the perfect message to an exact customer through that customer's device through those IP addresses. In addition, companies can use IP addresses to deliver advertising messages based on a customer profile and a specific physical location with IP targeting. For example, if you are a local business looking to generate more foot traffic, you can send appealing ads to those in that geographic area.

IP Targeting Is Great For B2B Marketing Campaigns

In addition to targeting home consumers, IP Targeting can extend to grow your business through Business to Business (B2B) campaigns. While each home in a neighborhood has a specific, unique IP address, all computers in business often have the same IP address. Knowing this, you can craft custom messages to engage your B2B prospects through their IP addresses.

Additionally, IP targeting campaigns come at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising efforts, such as radio, print, or television. Reaching your perfect prospect with the right message at the right time in the right place for a fraction of the cost is a win-win for businesses.

IP targeting has become especially pertinent in today's global market since the marketing message can be customized and specialized for each campaign. Now that many companies can serve customers not geographically near to them, IP targeting can help grow your business in targeted markets.

How To Get Started

MaxDRIVE Marketing can create an IP Targeting targeting campaign to reach your ideal prospects. Whether it’s IP targeting or other marketing services, we can meet all of your digital marketing needs. Reach out via email or give us a call at 502-775-9789.


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