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Six Effective Ways To Build Your B2B Prospect List

Your prospect list is quite possibly the most important asset your business owns. But building your B2B prospect list is hard work. MaxDRIVE Marketing is here to help with a few tips to effectively build your list and close more sales.

Know Your Target Audience

Your business fulfills a need for your target audience. First, you need to be laser-focused on precisely what you are looking for in an ideal customer. This will help you spend your time wisely with prospects who will be interested in what you have to offer. Your Ideal Prospect Profile will include:

  • Company size and location

  • Position or name of the individual you should contact in the company

  • Your prospect's background

  • Prospect'sProspect's previous payment routine

  • The age range of your prospects

  • The gender(s) that you are targeting

  • Potential obstacles faced by the prospect

  • Short and long term goals of your prospect

Use LinkedIn To Build Your Highly Targeted List

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for building your B2B prospecting list. Now that you have created your ideal customer profile, you can utilize LinkedIn to create your highly targeted prospect list. Use the filters on LinkedIn to search for your targeted audience by clicking on the "Filter people by"option.

Use LinkedIn

Your work on LinkedIn will leave you with a highly targeted prospect list. Depending on the circumstance, you can reach out personally or ask for a mutual connection to create an introduction for you. First, connect with the businesses you think will most likely work with you. After your initial interaction, note the level of interest that the representatives from these businesses seem to have. Remove prospects with little to no interest, as you are better off investing your efforts elsewhere.

Get Networking!

Show your customers that you have a solution to their needs. Beyond LinkedIn, start having conversations to spread the word about what you have to offer. Plan out the essential points of your sales pitch to be concise and targeted. Take notes and rate interest in your spreadsheet that holds your B2B prospect list.

Use An Email Marketing Tool

Multiple email marketing tools are available to help you build your B2B prospecting list. These tools will gather helpful information about your potential customers, including their contact information. In addition, these email marketing tools can often transfer information into other databases and send multiple emails at once.

Ask For Help!

You don't have to build your ideal B2B prospect list alone. MaxDRIVE Marketing is a revenue game-changer for the B2B & Professional Services clients we work with because of our unique, proprietary services. We focus on driving new revenue for your business by reaching your Perfect Prospect with a laser-focused message that cuts through all of the market clutter. This drives exponential growth that every company wants but struggles to get with traditional B2B marketing.

Using the latest marketing technology, we help our B2B & Professional Services clients get high-quality Appointments each month with their ideal clients.

In today’s changed world, prospecting presents the biggest challenge for any business in a very noisy marketplace. Your sales team needs help in setting high-value Appointments with warmed-up prospects to maximize your closing ratio so your company can grow its revenue in a proven, systematic way.

Work With An “Appointment-Setting” Company

We are an Appointment-setting company with our own Sales Development Representatives (SDR). Our SDRs set up those valuable Demo or Discovery meetings for you that can lead to quicker sales. We do the heavy lifting to get the Appointments so your sales professionals can focus on closing the deals.​

With warmed-up prospects who are ready to learn more about your products and services, this leads to more Revenue, a higher ROI and more Profit for your company. That's a Winning Formula for any business!​

With our experienced team of Sales & Marketing leaders, you will get fresh, innovative ideas specifically designed for your business. In addition, you will not get any cookie-cutter digital marketing campaign that dozens of other marketing companies can offer you. Reach out to MaxDRIVE Marketing today at 502-775-9789. Or visit our newest marketing resource at We'll help you build your prospect list to meet your goals!



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