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LinkedIn Is A Gateway To New Business

Of all the social media platforms and their exponential applications, one of the most underutilized ones on the market is LinkedIn. With its professional aire and ability to directly connect with or follow business executives vital to making a sale, LinkedIn can and should be leveraged to its fullest potential.

But doing so requires time and effort, diverting the attention of your business’s marketing and sales forces from what it should really be directed towards: closing sales leads. So how can you leverage LinkedIn marketing without having to train your team to do so?

MaxDRIVE Marketing has a platform tailored specifically to this need, known as the LinkedIn Perfect Prospect Program. With this, businesses can take full advantage of our team’s ability to target, connect with, and foster sales leads for you before turning them over to your sales team.

Personalized Automated Messages

The digitally advanced world we find ourselves in today boasts technology rooted in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Machine Learning (M.L.), and more, allowing ordinarily mundane tasks to be handled by ChatBots and the like.

With our LinkedIn Perfect Prospect Program, we implement some of the best automated messaging software in the industry to receive sales leads, responding with personalized messages for your potential customers. This individualized touch reassures potential customers that their needs will be met, even in the busiest of times.

Keep in mind, our LinkedIn Perfect Prospect Program is meant to receive the responses that come in from LinkedIn marketing and ads we run. Once they have been collated, it is up to you and your team to close the deal.

Marketing Services Audit

Before signing up for our LinkedIn Perfect Prospect Program, consider having our team at MaxDRIVE Marketing do a marketing services audit. This is a way for us to ensure we target the customer base you are looking to attract!

Return on investment (ROI) in marketing dollars is vital, and because we view every client of ours as a collaborative team, it pays to perform an analysis of what works about your current marketing and what needs improvement. With our marketing services audit, we investigate behaviors on your website and landing pages, your current Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and even your advertising activity.

After performing this free analysis of your marketing efforts and obtaining a solid understanding of where our services fit your needs, we can more adequately direct your marketing dollars towards effective, powerful LinkedIn ads. Not only does this draw in valuable customers, it measures how you stack up against competitors in your industry!

The Choice Is Clear

Our mission is to make best use of your marketing budget and help you gain a competitive advantage on one of the most underutilized social media platforms in the world.

Don’t squander your marketing dollars! Having an additional marketing force behind your sales team supercharges the engine that keeps your business running. Specializing in everything from content creation, logo design, traditional media, and marketing strategies, MaxDRIVE Marketing is ready to serve!


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